We can laugh at everything, yes, really at everything.

Wiglaf born of Fine Arts

La Forêt Malade ? - Wiglaf

Press cartoonist, as well as the author of comics under the pseudonym of Wiglaf, it was after training at the Beaux-Arts in Nancy that I decided to start on my own, with the desire to put my creations in the service of humour. For more than 6 years now, I have tried, armed with my markers and pencils, to amuse my readers, by approaching lightly subjects that at first glance do not seem suitable.

Humour as a gateway

Whether it’s the most brutal news or more technical or even downright scientific topics that might seem inaccessible to an inexperienced person, I firmly believe that it is possible to laugh at anything, absolutely anything. Through the prism of humour, we can initiate a discussion, bring about an exchange or even create a gateway for the neophyte who is reluctant to gather information. Press articles, exhibitions, live illustrated conferences, social networks, all media are good for thinking together about the best way to communicate, and I am convinced that if a picture is worth a thousand words, an image that makes you smile is worth much more!

Migration - Wiglaf

Let us generalize the use of humour in science!

La réintroduction du loup pose soucis - Wiglaf

This is why here I am today on Beink : with the fervent desire to offer an offbeat and light point of view, I like to combine humour drawing with science, and scientific popularization, whatever the target audience. , whether from the youngest to the oldest or from the most beginner to the most experienced. Myself very sensitive to the causes that affect the animal world, biodiversity and the environment, I am constantly thirsty to learn and discover new things in order to address them later in my work.

Do not hesitate to come and discover my work on Instagram for instance, as well as to give me a feedback on my productions.

See you soon,

Wiglaf, the first cartoonist to bring the art of cartooning
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