The Genesis of the Project

From 2013 to 2022, Jeanne Le Peillet honed her scientific expertise in biotechnologies, culminating in the attainment of an engineering degree and a doctorate in genetics. Simultaneously, she immersed herself in crafting bespoke visuals for businesses, laboratories, and universities. Armed with this dual proficiency, Jeanne Le Peillet identified three major insights.

Firstly, the transition from ideas scribbled on paper to digital formats is particularly time-consuming for professionals in research and development, innovation, management, and creative sectors. This inefficiency translates into a significant loss of time, salaries, and innovation opportunities for businesses.

Secondly, despite the encouragement to form multidisciplinary teams, language barriers impede effective collaboration. The introduction of a universal tool, namely drawing, helps overcome these obstacles, fostering synergy and communication within teams.

Thirdly, beyond being a communication tool, drawing is a powerful instrument for reflection. Visualizing thoughts facilitates progress in reasoning and poses questions otherwise inaccessible. Drawing, as a means of visual representation, opens innovative perspectives, especially when conceptualizing complex phenomena.

Armed with these insights, Jeanne Le Peillet embarked on creating a tool that enables knowledge bearers and creators to access drawing as a means of communication, reflection, and a common language across diverse disciplines. This gave birth to Beink Dream.