Rohan Dahotre


Rohan Dahotre is an illustrator based out in Pune, India. He is a nature and wildlife enthusiast, a keen observer who loves exploring the wilderness. He loves illustrating and contributing towards the cause of wildlife.

“Nature has always inspired me. I feel not just me but everyone loves nature. But when it specifically comes to wildlife, that is what I like the most. So much variety, different characteristics, behaviour, shapes, sizes, texture. In all there so much to observe and learn.”

“Visual art is a very strong medium where we can communicate our thoughts or rather express our selves. I see it as a medium in introducing the wildlife through beautiful illustrations. His helps in spreading awareness among our society. Art can also tell a story. May be habitat loss, poaching, pollution. Which can ultimately promote Animal Conservation. Art can also act as a news Channel and tell us about important events that are happening around our planet. This can make people aware of what is happening currently in our society involving wildlife and ecology, which media usually ignores.”

Education and Work

I studied in my home city Pune, and graduated as an animator. After working in few animation companies for a couple of years, I decided to take a break from work and focus more on illustrations. I developed more interest towards drawing wildlife and so I decided to be a freelance Wildlife artist. Currently I have worked with various forest and wildlife NGOs in India and also for clients such as BBC and WWF India.

Drawing process

Nature is my biggest inspiration. There is so much to learn from it. Forms, shapes, colors, textures, patterns and behavior. I feel nature is the perfect and complete design.
Since I am inspired by nature, I never believed in having one style. For me it is more important to have many styles and be versatile like nature. So my style of work is “having no style”.


When I draw wildlife, I often study them first and try to understand their situation. Sadly almost all the species in the wild are in a very bad state. It is either loss of their land or habitat or poaching and hunting. There is also marine pollution that has affected the sea creatures. This makes me want to draw them more and spread awareness on them.


My next step is to continue drawing wildlife. There are so many species that exist on our earth and I have not even drawn 1%. So my journey has just begin.

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