When text and image intermingle

    Whenever one wishes to integrate text into an image or images into a text, the question arises of how to arrange one in relation to the other. The text can be separated from […]

    Leonardo da Vinci, an anatomist

    Leonardo da Vinci is a man of the 15th century, of many talents, curious about a very varied panel of disciplines: art, biology, physics, engineering, arts of war, etc. This article will focus […]

    Visualize your data in style!

    I discovered the profession of Information Designer through the inspiring work of Federica Fragapane, which consists of making the data visible, in particular the encrypted data. Surely you have happened to have tables […]

    We can laugh at everything, yes, really at everything.

    Wiglaf born of Fine Arts Press cartoonist, as well as the author of comics under the pseudonym of Wiglaf, it was after training at the Beaux-Arts in Nancy that I decided to start […]

    Charie Illustration, refined watercolours

    Marie is a teacher, a mom, a yoga enthusiast and so many other things, who spends a lot of her spare time creating wonderful watercolours of the wildlife surrounding her. She accepted to […]

    Fritz Kahn, infographics pioneer

    What is infographics ? Computer graphics refers to the creation of computer-aided digital images. Unsurprisingly, it took off in the 1940s, with the development of the computer, thanks to which it gradually became […]

    Guillaume Nettelet captures life on the spot

    Hello my name is Guillaume and I live in the North of France. I have been drawing since childhood but have never studied the arts. Drawing is a hobby and a passion for […]

    Bruce DeShetler, the pro of visual summaries

    My name is Bruce. My organization is named The Beauty of Biology. I have an AS in Medical Technology, and a BAS in Biomedical Science, and I'm currently working on an MS in […]

    Spreading with harmony

    A bit of physics and Biology: The 3 characteristics of color Brightness If we see an object, it is thanks to the light which leaves from this object and reaches our eye. Without […]

    Joana Carvalho, a Physician and a Painter inspired by Biology

    My name is Joana. I am a physician in a central hospital in Lisbon, Portugal. My interest in visual arts started in childhood. I grew up surrounded by paints, brushes, and colors. Later, […]

    Rohan Dahotre

    Introduction Rohan Dahotre is an illustrator based out in Pune, India. He is a nature and wildlife enthusiast, a keen observer who loves exploring the wilderness. He loves illustrating and contributing towards the […]

    Ernst Haeckel

    When arts and sciences were related disciplines Erudite artistes from antiquity The ancient Greeks did not distinguish between philosophy and sciences such as astronomy, mathematics, chemistry, etc. At that time, in the time […]

    How to remove the background from an image in 2 min?

    Here you will learn different ways to remove the background from an image, whether you use Power Point, Photoshop, or free Photoshop alternatives (Gimp, Krita, ...). We will see different ways to remove […]

    Diana Flores Blazquez

    Evolving in Science through Art My name is Diana Flores Blazquez, and I am a visual artist and illustrator from Mexico City. I specialize in digital illustration, specifically scientific illustrations, and surface design. […]