Diana Flores Blazquez

Evolving in Science through Art

My name is Diana Flores Blazquez, and I am a visual artist and illustrator from Mexico City. I specialize in digital illustration, specifically scientific illustrations, and surface design. I have always liked drawing and since I was little, I have always had an interest for natural sciences, that’s why I chose to work with something that could combine arts and sciences.

I have always been surrounded by living creatures and they have become my primary source of inspiration to learn and research about species and their taxonomical classification. I have had a bunch of pets and my home was always filled with plants and terrariums where I could observe nature in a microcosmos.

Studying all kinds of Art across countries

I studied my bachelor’s degree in Visual arts in Mexico City and then I went to Baltimore, in the United states to do my MFA in illustration practices. This program at MICA (Maryland Institute College of Art) is very flexible and allows students to specialize in their favorite branch of illustration. There I had the chance to take undergrad courses in biodiversity and they started to shape my work towards scientific illustration. I experimented with a lot of techniques including ceramics, paper cutting, animation and editorial illustration. My MFA thesis was especially important for me because I experimented with six different illustration techniques to explore six kingdoms of living organisms. After this I went on a residency to Madrid, Spain, where I explored for the first time the world of coleoptera, or beetles. I focused on the research of various beetle families and described them trough bidimensional illustrations and tridimensional paper sculptures. Beetles are one of my favorite animals because they show an amazing variety of shapes and colors and they can be found almost anywhere in the world.

What now?

Currently I am a freelance illustrator and I work with clients that are researching species and have the need to describe them trough visual tools.

In 2017 I started my brand ‘Nature illustration by Diana Flores Blazquez’ where I started producing and selling illustrations and various products such as notebooks, mugs, pins and more recently textiles like scarves and clothes. My background allows me to combine scientifically accurate illustrations of living organisms with de design of surface patterns that can be applied to various products and styles.

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