Charie Illustration, refined watercolours

Marie is a teacher, a mom, a yoga enthusiast and so many other things, who spends a lot of her spare time creating wonderful watercolours of the wildlife surrounding her. She accepted to write you a little note so you can discover her creative world. Let’s discover it together!

” Hi !
I’m Marie, and my artist name (or my nickname, if you’re a friend) is Charie.
Like a lot of artists, I draw since my childhood, no surprise here! After some breaks during my studies, I’ve decided to create a blog and… 4 years later, here I am! I love movement beyond all… Trying to seize the perfect posture with my watercolours, showing the energy behind, expressing joy and optimism: here is my mantra! And this is also my goal when I try new subjects, or new media: birds, gouache, colour pencils, snow or cosy cabins under the snow… I want to express the joy to be alive, in our beautiful world 😊 ”

Here are some of her creations, colorful, refined and undulating at the same time :

To discover more, find all of Charie’s universe on :

Etsy shop
Son blog

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