Bruce DeShetler, the pro of visual summaries

My name is Bruce. My organization is named The Beauty of Biology. I have an AS in Medical Technology, and a BAS in Biomedical Science, and I’m currently working on an MS in Microbiology and Cell Science.

I started painting these paintings while I was working on my Master Degree in Microbiology, inspired by both class lectures and my comprehensive notes that I was taking for my Immunotherapeutics class. During the majority of my Bachelors degree, I hosted study groups and I found that many of my fellow students asked to take pictures of my notes or scan them to help them study. I’m a visual learner so I draw these very complex diagrams in my notebooks, and one day thought that these diagrams might make beautiful paintings. Now I’m finding all sorts of fantastic biological processes that I can transform into works of art. I hope one day when I have enough of these processes painted out, I will create a book full of my art and explanations of these processes.

Let’s discover the amazing graphic universe of Bruce here:


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